Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

One of the most noticeable parts of a room is its floor. Over time dirt and spots make a carpet look old and worn. Hard surface floors such as tile are susceptible to cracks and stains as well. Floors play such an important role in an office space that they can affect its entire appearance. Having outdated or dirty flooring brings down the overall mood of the employees in your office. Even worse, clients and customers who visit the building may judge the business based on esthetics. If the interior of the business isn’t pleasing to the eye, clients may be turned off to the idea of accepting the services you offer. Utilize the help of Two Brothers Affordable for tile and carpet cleaning in Fort Lauderdale.

Disinfecting the Area

Most offices are dirtier than business owners, employees or clients even realize. Studies have shown that hard surfaces in a typical office host up to 400 times as many germs as the toilet in a bathroom. This leads to employee sickness, and the decrease in productivity will obviously have a negative impact on the success of the business. Proper cleaning of the office space involves using quality materials and tools to kill a broad range of pathogens. The most affected places include high traffic areas such as door knobs, dispensers, faucets and handles. In addition to the working space, office bathrooms must be thoroughly cleaned as well.

Keeping Rooms Ventilated

Ventilation is an important component of a healthy office. Clean air ducts and unobstructed windows help contribute to this purpose. Keeping air circulating smoothly will help remove strong smells caused by food or chemicals. Offensive odors should not persist within an office as they may affect employee morale and customer satisfaction which is another reason that carpet cleaning in Fort Lauderdale is so important. Clean air also aids in healthy breathing. No one enjoys being packed in a space that is muggy or musty. Circulating fresh air throughout the space will remove such hassles. It also prevents the buildup of dust. Dust not only makes the workspace dirty, it gives clients the impression that the business is careless or unconcerned.

Maintaining Upholstery

Stained and soiled upholstery can also give an office an old look in addition to creating a sense of incompetency to customers. Keeping cloth surfaces clean and spotless is just as important as those that are cleaned on a daily basis. Furniture, curtains and linens should be thoroughly cleaned with professional equipment that tackles stains ordinary cleaning solvents won’t remove. For offices with waiting rooms, it is essential to keep carpets and chairs fresh and stainless to ensure clients will want to return. Two Brothers Affordable has the tools and expertise to keep the soft surfaces in your office looking new with upholstery and carpet cleaning in Fort Lauderdale. If you are interested in learning more about floor and upholstery cleaning and maintenance, you are invited to call Two Brothers Affordable at 954-263-3479 or visit them online at

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